Sunday, 9 October 2011

Steve Jobs, Apple and me

After a busy week, today managed to find a time to switch on my laptop.  The first page loading in my web browser is Apple webpage with Steve Jobs 1955-2011.

I really sad to know that the great technology inventor Jobs leave us so soon.  He is truly amazing and make our life interesting.

I can say I am a die hard fans of Apple.  When I got my first computer PC in 1988 when I was 18 years old, I already in love in this new technology.  I knew Apple from my teacher, they have beautiful design, due to my brother work in IBM, so I am more to PC.  I only admire the beauty and unique design of  Apple product and know a little about Macintosh.  I always think that they use different interface with Microsoft word which I use often.

During PC fair, their iMac always attract me with built in CPU with monitor.  Until March 2009, I went to Switch in Gurney Plaza as usual to look at thier ipod ( I am thinking of storing my photo into ipod when I travel), white colour macbook ...  I was lucky to meet with a sales person in Switch, she introduce to me the advantage of Macbook.  iphoto really attract me, I can make my own photo book with easy step by step.  Apple software really user friendly.  The most important is I only knew they are compatible with Microsoft Word, I can use Macbook to set my question paper.  Immediately I make a switch from Window to Macintosh by buying an aluminum Macbook that cost RM4899.  Until today, I still think that I make a good decision to switch.

I am a heavy internet user since 1998, the PC never let me surf so fast compare with Safari, I am always busy and have little time for me to surf internet, Safari save all my time.  I am in love with Apple.  I am still using this macbook to write my blog although it is 2 years 6 month old.  I bought a blue Sony VIAO cost RM 5899 in 2008, in a year time, it is a bit outdated and off course left it behind 打入冷宫after I used Macbook.  With finger gesture in Macbook, I manage to switch between pages, scroll up and down....  It is very convenient to use.

When I know iphone 3GS 16GB in town, I bought my second Apple product.  I really in love with it.  I used Dopod, HTC smartphone since 2005, iphone is the best, good performance and outstanding interface and vivid colour.  Furthermore cheaper than all those Smartphone that cost me RM 2899 with little storage.

Only after that,  I knew Steve Jobs is the key for Apple success.  I really admire him to have the vision and understand consumer needs so well.  He gain my heart.

End of 2009, iMac 27 inch is in town.  Unfortunately Switch didn't have any display set, I really want to have it.  I managed to see iMac 27 inch in London, impressive and after I came back to Malaysia, January 2010, I pampered myself by buying iMac 27 inch after I withdraw my EPF.  All my travel photo look attractive in this big screen computer. With 4 GB RAM, it is super fast (in 2010), I can't use my school computer anymore, they are too slow. Among all my Apple product, I used iMac least, as I put it in my bedroom.

September 2010, I bought my iphone 4 32GB the first day it launch.  Off course I am not the one to line up in front of the shop.  I hope I am that crazy, the fact is I need to work.  If I am free, I think I want to try to have that feeling since I am Apple fans.  I only got my iphone 2 weeks later, I love it.

My 5th apple product is iPad 2 wifi 64GB, I bought it the first day it launch too in April 2011. I paid full with the smart cover. I got my iPad 2, 9 days later.  Since than, I always used iPad to surf internet instead of using my Macbook, the battery life is long, fast and the size is so convenient to hold.  Steve Jobs and company excellent to invent such a great product.  I saw my fellow Ocean Nova friend use iPad to look at the photo in Antarctica, it is so portable to carry around.  I brought iPad for my Sipadan and Krabi trip, it is so easy to load my photo into iPad and we can look at it fast.  I am still thinking what I should bring to East Africa, iPad 2 or my Macbook?

Steve Jobs leave us but his excellent product cherish my life.  I will alway remember this great inventor and revolutioner in computer.  Hope that Apple still produce excellent technology product.

RIP Steve Jobs.

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